Size Guide - Team Collection

Team Tee - Mens
Half Chest cm 46 51 56 61 66 71
Length cm 67 72 77 80 83 71


We like that word. We call ourselves the underdogs of the bicycle carbon wheel industry. No one knows us, we're not expected, you might think we lack experience and credibility, we're too small, unable to innovate, we're too cheap, we're no good.

Instead, we're bold, we're dreamers. We question and challenge, and we push, we push the limits of what's possible. And keep pushing, relentless, persevering until we negative split.

Then, and only then, it might happen. The underdog is underdog no more.'

-This statement was first published on Nov 26th, 2018. Whatever happens, NSC will always be underdogs, and won't forget where we've come from, who we are. For that reason, this statement will remain unchanged as long as Negative Split stays in business.

Our Team

Javier Garcia

CEO / Founder

Establishes the vision and sets the direction, responsible for identifying and bringing disruption in the market.

Chris Dunn

COO / GM Oceania

Chris is a competitive triathlete, having twice represented NZ at ITU World Champs, and has a background in digital marketing and product management

Hugh Baird

Brand & Marketing

Head of the NSC Graphics and Visuals Dept. Brings the NSC story to life.

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