Our greatest source of feedback and inspiration; our riders show us the way.

Simon Cochrane


"I am a Waikato based Professional long distance triathlete and ultra runner. I have been competing at a high level for over 10 years, and have raced 35 Ironman events so far.

​I am currently coaching a bunch of great motivated athletes in a range of endurance sports. 

​My background is in strength and conditioning, and obviously years of endurance training, trial and error, and am always learning and researching with the ever evolving training philosophies and gear/equipment selection."

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Ani Gemmill


"My lifestyle has always evolved around sport, whether that be on the football field, on the athletics track, surfing or on the bike. After returning from racing Track and Field in the States I dabbled in Triathlon where I quickly discovered my love for riding. This progressed as I went from riding on the road, to the velodrome in Cambridge and then to the mountains. 

I’m motivated by the thought of spending hours on the trails with my mates or trying to hold a wheel around the track and of course hitting out fast times on the racecourse. 

My plan for the next few years includes racing at a national and international level all while continuing to grow my passion for the sport. I’m beyond excited to be part of the Negative Split Carbon team and eager to see where this partnership takes us."

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Sami Donnelly


My love for all things bikes started before I was even born with my father competing in multiple olympics & commonwealth games and he still is my biggest motivation as I hope to follow in his footsteps. As a young kid I tried MTB, BMX and cyclocross before finding my passion for road & track cycling and I haven't looked back since. 

2022 was a year full of open doors and opportunities for me, traveling around the world and doing what I love and I’m hungry for more!  My goal for 2023 is to step up and compete internationally again on both the track and road & doing higher level interclub racing into the UCI ranks to continue to develop myself on and off the bike. I am extremely excited for what is to come and so grateful for the support and backing from the team behind NS Carbon

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Ralph Cabansag


"I’m a serial adventure seeker and a weekend warrior. I still remember running trails and thinking I’ll be able to go further and faster on a bike - thankfully, gravel bikes came out and I was able to go deep in the world of bikepacking.

On weekends, I ride to my local forests and single tracks with my partner and for coffee rides with my friends at dirty detours pop-up events. Since my gravel bike is my go-to bike it’s how I get to work which means it’s the dirtiest bike you’ll see in the bike cage."

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Black Magic Women Cycling

Black Magic is an elite women’s cycling platform; focused on developing the next generation of female cyclists and promoting the growth of women’s cycling in New Zealand.

We are proud to be their wheel sponsor starting December 2022 and support their journey to empower NZ women cyclists to compete at the very highest level on the world stage.


Josh Hemara

Josh played a key role in nscarbon's inception and had a strong influence in what we stand for today. From agreeing to work with us in late 2018 to becoming Age Group World Champion in Switzerland in 2019, then leaving the sport to focus on family and work, he showed us what the best leaders are made of.

In many ways, we at nscarbon look forward to lead the way he does, with a smile on our face, a big dose of humility, and always ready to help without asking anything in return.

We are forever grateful mate.

Emily McNaughtan

In September 2022 we lost an incredible and much loved member of our NSC family. 

Emily was an Ironwoman. Her bravery, ambition and endless talent were a huge inspiration to everyone - always. She was a friend, a sister, and a daughter. A fighter that punched way above her weight. A human that would ask for nothing and give back everything.

We wanted to work with Emily because Emily was NSC's alter ego - we were looking up to her long before she agreed to work with us. She taught us we should rather try than wonder 'what if?’ and that when we do give it a go, we give everything we've got. Every day. She'd talk about how discipline keeps you going, how inspirational days only come along every now and then, how self-evaluation and consistency are fundamental to chase down crazy goals. She'd dream of winning a world championship title and on her way finished 3rd at Ironman New Zealand. 

And so, in respect to everything she embodies, we'll do just that. We're going to keep pushing hard, we'll win and we'll lose, cry and laugh, but never wonder what if. We're going to keep giving without asking for anything in return. Don't seek inspiration but discipline, aim high - crazy high. Walk the talk.

You will always ride with us



Our past NSC riders always with us and always part of our story.

Kim Cadzow — Elite Road Cyclist (now part of World Tour Team Jumbo Visma)

Jared Hartshorn — Mid-distance Triathlon

Issy Coombes — Sprint and Olympic distances Triathlon (former Professional Footballer, and NZ Elite Triathlete)

Heather Neill — Mid-distance Triathlon (AG World Champs Triathlon podium)

Josiah Ney — Sprint and Olympic distances Triathlon (Elite athlete for Triathlon Canada)