• NS60 X 88 RB (USED)
  • NS60 X 88 RB (USED)

NS60 X 88 RB (USED)

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This is a used wheelset which has been part of our rental fleet for a number of years. The wheelset is running true. There are visible signs of use and some minor marks from grease / chain lube. 12 month warranty included. 


Triathletes would say these two were born to be together -with the NS60 Front giving that needed point of stability, aero gains and weight savings, and the NS88 Rear delivering near-maximum aerodynamics. Couple this wheelset with a flat course and a time trial bike, and you’ve got yourself a speed weapon. Often chosen by cyclists able to get into the 3 x their body weight in watts’ zone*, converting those few additional rim grams into a fair bit of free speed.

Every component in the NS-Road line design has been carefully evaluated on its ability to absorb impact and vibration, minimise overall weight and deliver great gains in aero efficiency. As a result, responsive-stiff-lightweight wheels are now accessible to all of us. We challenged status quo and did the unthinkable: increasing both performance and affordability.

This is a classic triathlon set up among us at NSC - Javi, Chris, Simon, Jared, Heather and Alvaro, are some just some of many rocking the NS60/88 combo.

(*) approximate wattage estimated by the nscarbon team indicating wattage threshold required to benefit from the aerodynamic performance this set has to offer


// Excellent cross wind performance
// Aerodynamic boost, free speed for the du/triathletes and road racers
// Reduced vibration, increased impact absorption, more stable, better control
// Lightweight, same effort takes you further
// Faster acceleration and ability to hold top speed longer.



    WEIGHT Front 760g Rear 1055g Rim Brake | Wheels only / no cassette, tyres or tubes
    TYRE SYSTEM Tyres and tubes, clincher only
    TYRE COMPATIBILITY Recommended tyre widths: 23mm - 25mm


    700C ⌀632mm
    WIDTH 17mm internal / 23mm external rim width
    DEPTH 60mm Front / 88mm Rear rim depths
    RIM Carbon Fibre Toray T700, U-shape

    Novatec Rim Brake Hubs Front & Rear

    See compatibility guide


    Count | Front 20 Rear 24 Rim Brake

    Pattern | Front Radial | Rear Two-cross/Radial (2:1)

    Material | Stainless steel Sandvik T302+

    Sapim CX-Leader (6.7g/pc)

    J-bend for Rim Brake

    NIPPLES Visible
    TAPE Not included
    FINISH Matte Carbon Weave | Coated decals (NOT STICKERS / NOT REMOVABLE)

    Rim Brake | V-Brake

    Valve extenders recommended if using a 50mm Presta valve (tube) - How to install valve extenders

    Rim brake surface: Carbon, basalt and resin TG (190-200C) (12mm)

    ASSEMBLY Proudly hand-built by the world's greatest carbon fibre artisans in Xiamen, People's Republic of China

    Generally 85-100psi (Max 110 / Min 80) -check your tyre manufacturer max and low pressures

    Max rider weight 130kg


    Moved using local couriers - air and land transportation as required

    800mm x 650mm x 170mm, 3.6kg

    Included in the box:


    -Booklet -Welcome to nscarbon, Set up and Maintenance guide




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