Believe it or not, this is something we get asked regularly. Due to the ease-of-use of online shopping and drop-shipping, it's easy to buy something online from a "locally owned and operated" company, only to find out that your payment has disappeared overseas and now you've got a long wait for your order to arrive. 

While we make no secret about the fact that our wheels are manufactured in Xiamen, China (along with a huge percentage of the global cycling industry), we are proudly kiwi owned and operated. 

When you email, message or phone us, you're talking to one of our team based in New Zealand. When you purchase a wheelset, it's in stock in our Auckland Warehouse and is packed by hand by one of our local team. In the unlikely event that you have an issue with one of our wheels, you can contact us directly and we'll get it sorted. 

If you see us at events - we're the same team that pack the orders, answer the phones and build the wheels!

In fact, we're so Kiwi that we have a Fernmark to prove it - The Fernmark symbol is the international symbol of New Zealand and represents a mark of trust to consumers around the globe.

Any product carrying this symbol has been issued a licence by the New Zealand government and demonstrates that the New Zealand business has met the eligibility criteria set by the FernMark Licence Programme.

We're as Kiwi as the buzzy bee, the L&P and the Silver Fern. So if you're looking for some wheels and would love to support a bunch of kiwi underdogs, let's ride!