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Wheel set up

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This service is an add-on to a wheel or wheelset purchase. 

Designed for the fans of max convenience, for the ones that don't have the tools, the knowledge, the time or the patience. Or any of that. We, at NSC, work hard to amplify access to carbon wheels, and have thought that eliminating the 'set up' barrier might bring more of you closer to the NS Family.

Set ups are not just time consuming and require specific tooling - sometimes they can be a bit tricky to get right the first couple of times and it's not unlikely that many of us end up having to visit our mates at the local bike shop seeking some help to properly install valve extenders, or fit a super tight tire, for example. 

This service is the first of its kind in the carbon wheel market, and therefore, still in its infancy and while we're confident and well equipped to provide you with the perfect set up, we're sure some aspects will see further evolution as we learn along the way.



// Wheel/set ready to roll upon receiving them
// No time spent purchasing components and installing them yourself
// Certainty that the wheels are fully and appropriately set up (e.g. no air leakage between valve extender and valve stem)
// No need to take your wheels to a bike shop to be set up if you don't have the tools to do it yourself or just don't know how


Service performed

  • Clincher (tube and tire) or Tubeless set up (tire, valve stem and sealant)
  • Valve extender installation
  • Optional - New Cassette Installation
  • Optional - New Rotor installation
  • Optional - Provision of new brake pads for carbon surface
  • If applicable - installation of valve decals, use of spacers

Services are performed by NSC's personnel in NSC's facilities. We source all parts and components required to complete the set up from NZ suppliers and distributors.

Cost breakdown

  • Service fee for set up work and for accessing all components and parts required for the job
  • Cost of individual components as applicable; tubes, tires, sealant, rotors, brake pads, cassette -non standard items will be invoiced separately


If you have any suggestion to make this service even better we are all ears. Please get in touch.

New Zealand

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Fee and estimated delivery time calculated at checkout  (incl. custom clearance as applicable)

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If the wheelset you like is currently out of stock please get in touch with us to get visibility on estimated delivery times.


If the design, componentry or any other features of this wheelset doesn't work for you we can always pull a blank sheet of paper and start from scratch. Get in touch and let us know what you have in mind.


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